Winnetka hasn’t yet committed to any of the proposed stormwater management plans.  It is however under organized pressure from pro-Stormwater management parties, so making our voices heard is urgently important.  Don’t let one of our most treasured community assets be a casualty of politics.

How can you help?  We suggest the following:

Learn More

Learn more about the proposed plans and the history of the stormwater management debate in Winnetka.  We’ve posted links to Winnetka stormwater management news from the past few years.

A recording of Strand’s 4/12 presentation and that Powerpoint deck are both (as of 4/19) available to download from the Village website.  Also watch Strand’s presentation and download a copy of the Powerpoint deck they used at the previous March 2016 open house from the Village Website.

Here are a few reasons why you might oppose these plans.

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

Whatever your opinion, make sure your stance is taken into account: Fill out Winnetka’s stormwater surveyadd your name to our mailing listsign the petition, and attend Village of Winnetka and Winnetka Park District board meetings to give your feedback and make sure these decisions are taken in the light of day.

Winnetka’s initial survey sessions have thus far been attended mostly by a handful of pro-stormwater parties, so it’s important to share our opinions to restore a fair and balanced perspective. Please fill out Winnetka’s stormwater comment card and either email it to or mail it to the Public Works Department:

Stormwater Comments
Public Works Department
510 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, IL 60093

We’re sure you have some thoughts of your own, but if you run out, here are a few additional reasons to oppose the project.

Please add your name to our mailing list so that we can let you know about important Crow Island Stormwater Plan goings on.

Let Your Friends and Neighbors Know

Please make sure your friends, neighbors, and anyone who might fondly remember their time in Crow Island Woods know about the consequences of the proposed changes so that they can help us make a difference.  If you want to forward them a link to the resources of this website or share it on social media (a few buttons below), that’d be great!  We’re also now on Facebook and Instagram, so follow us there!

We’d love your help in making this website a better resource for helping others understand why Crow Island Woods should be protected: