One thought on “Post Words of Encouragement

  • April 11, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    We extend heartfelt gratitude to your hard working committee for alerting us of all possible infringements and threats to Crow Island Woods. It takes time, organization and devoted efforts to alert residents, keeping them abreast of facts and plans that could easily be overlooked. We were unaware of these proposals until your well presented information reached us through email and regular mail.

    We suggest you further stress the health hazard potential of having storm water collect so close to Crow Island School. Mosquitoes, bearing possible disease, and the horrifying possibility of drowning/injury, are very real concerns that could threaten Crow Island students.

    We hope tomorrow evening’s meeting is well attended and that the Village will stand up to this ecological and safety nightmare. To butcher Crow Island Woods and impose a safety threat to grade school children seems extreme, if not foolish.

    Bob and Sally Winter

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