You’ve probably noticed all the construction equipment in the Northwest corner of Crow Island Woods, so we asked Costa Kutulas, Winnetka’s Superintendent of Parks, to help us understand the work going on there.

How were downed trees selected for clearing?

The only trees that were selected were Ash Trees.  Due to the devastation of the Emerald Ash Borer these trees required to be taken down because of the future risk that they purposed to the site.

How many trees are being cleared in total? 

37 Ash trees were selected for removal.  No other species were cut down.

What is the planned budget for replanting trees? 

Roughly $14,000 has been budgeted for this purpose.

What species of tree will be replanted in the area?

The majority of the trees ordered are Oak (several different types) as well as additional species ranging from American Hornbeam to Walnut. This was done to help preserve and reforest the woods as well as build in some diversity to help alleviate future infestations. Overall 53 trees will be installed in the current phase with additional planting in previous plantings.   

Is there a “master plan” or blueprint available for the public to view and better understand this project?

Not at this time, but it is the same information that we discussed last year when we walked the entire site. 

When will the trees be replaced in the area be replanted? 

In the early Spring when we receive delivery and temperatures allow.

How can the neighborhood and area residents better understand the WPD plan for the Woods area?

By contacting the WPD, and or myself (Refer to question #3 above).   Does WPD have this info posted online or can will the WPD schedule a meeting to share this info with the Winnetka community? 

The WPD reached out to the surrounding neighbors to make them aware of the project.  If they have questions or concerns they are directed to contact me directly. This same outreach is posted on-site and on the online.

Q&A with Costa Kutulas about Ongoing Work in NW Woods