The Winnetka Caucus Council Annual Survey is currently being conducted and there is an important question (Question #14) which relates to the Strand Proposal and altering the Crow Island Woods by deforesting a significant portion of the woods and turning it into a retention pond for stormwater.

We would like to ask you to please fill out the survey before Wednesday, August 3rd.  Please answer question #14 by checking the 2nd box that says: They (the current proposals) should only be approved if there are changes to them.

Why this is important.  People will look at the Winnetka Caucus survey results as a reflection of Village attitudes about stormwater management.  Unfortunately, this year’s survey appears to have significant bias in question 14.  Specifically, it only allows the residents of the Village to provide 3 answers to the stormwater question which are:  1.  Approve the Strand Plan, 2.  Approve the Strand Plan with changes or 3.  I do not know enough.  

There are obviously some potential answers missing, as this survey question doesn’t account for the majority of Winnetka residents who voted against expensive stormwater mitigation projects in two previous referenda, or many who have studied the issue and support finding a stormwater solution, but not the one suggested by Strand.


1.  Please fill out the Winnetka Caucus Survey!  Also please know that  2 members from each household can use the same code that you need for the survey. 

2.  Answer question #14 and add a comment in the comment box for question #14 that you believe supports NOT altering or using Crow Island Woods for Stormwater retention in ANY WAY.

3.  Please fill in the survey before midnight on Wednesday, August 3rd when the Caucus Survey closes.

4.  Why this is important:  If we do not have enough responses that indicate that people do NOT support the Strand Plan, then the Winnetka Caucus may potentially view it as a “mandate” that the Village has the support of residents to implement the Strand Plan and destroy the Crow Island Woods. The survey is a key data source that the Caucus and the Village often use to justify taking action.

Below is more information and the link to the survey, if you don’t have your postcard code, please contact the survey support team as soon as possible and they will resend it to you! 

Friends, responding to the survey and question #14  is truly IMPORTANT.  Please remember to use your code for 2 responses per household to maximize your number of responses.

Many thanks and let’s all continue to work together to both find a better storm water solution and save the Crow Island Woods!

Caucus Survey Due 8/3 Contains Stormwater Question